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We’re calling on community support to help re-establish Estuary Perch in Spring Creek.

Our focus is on Spring Creek as estuary perch is not found in Spring Creek, and a range of species are caught including black bream, yellow-eye mullet, flounder and Australian salmon. We are aiming to re-snag the estuary and revegetate key parts of the waterway to provide critical habitat. But we need your support!

How The Funds Will Be Used


Every cent of donated funds will be used to re-snag the Spring Creek estuary and revegetate the banks of the waterway with native vegetation. In addition, your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar with Victorian Government investment.

The total cost for an individual fish hotels is approximately $1,500 to source materials, build, transport and place. We will also work with local farmers to fence off and revegetate the banks of key sections of Spring Creek, this will provide great habitat and also improve water quality.


  • Add six new fish hotels to Spring Creek estuary and fence and revegetate another 1.5 kilometres of the waterway.
  • A total of $10,000 funds are sought which will be matched by CCMA’s contribution of $10,000. Total for delivery of $20,000.

The Challenges


Estuarine perch is commonly found in coastal waterways of southern Victoria. The species favours estuarine environments and the lower tidal reaches of coastal waterways.

The species is frequently found in deep channels in highly brackish environments of estuaries but can also be found in shallow muddy-bottom areas in slightly brackish water, but also in freshwater areas well above any tidal influence. This species is also known to occasionally move into the marine environment.

Migratory movement of the species is restricted to seasonal movement to spawning grounds, where between August and December reproductively active individuals seek out estuarine environments with a suitable salinity range (10 – 24 parts per thousand). Females tend to lay eggs on underwater structures such as reefs or aquatic vegetation.


We continue to support the local community to care for our priority waterways. In particular local land managers, Landcare Networks, Coastcare and Friends of Groups play a critical role. Spring Creek, like many of our other estuaries has a highly active Estuary Watch group, who undertake regular community based monitoring.

This citizen science enables us to track change in the estuary condition, as we continue to undertake and support active conservation management. We are committed to long term management of our priority waterways, your support will help us to achieve our goals more quickly and more broadly.


We are calling for your support to help re-establish great fish habitat along Spring Creek for the benefit a range of native fish and the environment in general, with the bonus of providing fantastic recreational fishing opportunities.

We are aiming to re-snag the estuary and revegetate key parts of the waterway to provide critical habitat.

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