Bringing the Macca Back

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Help us raise MaccaBuck$ to carry out more works to increase Macquarie perch (Macca) populations in the Goulburn Broken catchment.

Once widespread, Macquarie perch are now considered a threatened species, with only 11 isolated populations remaining across the state of Victoria. Seven of these populations are within the Goulburn Broken catchment and include:

  • Broken River
  • Goulburn River
  • Hollands Creek
  • Hughes Creek
  • King Parrot Creek
  • Seven Creeks
  • Yea River

These disconnected populations are vulnerable to impacts of drought, fire and climate change. To make sure we get the Maccas back, we need to raise some MaccaBuck$ for more habitat.  We’ve got a great track record in improving the situation for Macquarie perch and other native fish, but we need your help to achieve more, faster. Every public buck (dollar) raised through this campaign will be matched by us.

Your Contribution

To accelerate delivery of works and improve the outlook for Macquarie perch, we’re asking for your help.

Any pledge $5+ can go into a draw to win a $500 fishing pack from My Fishing Place (MFP)

To enter follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Fishing Place on Facebook and like the post with the Merv Hughes image below (if you haven't already done so)
  2. Click the Pledge button on the Big Fish Hotels project on this Pozible site and pledge $5%20.  You will be asked to register your details - that's so we can send you the fishing pack if you are the winner!
  3. Share your pledge on Facebook from the Pozible page

How The Funds Will Be Used

With your funding support, we will:

  • Improve instream habitat in the Hughes and Hollands creeks by installing snags and creating structures to enhance shelter, pool refuges and connectivity
  • Revegetate the bed and banks of the Hughes Creek to stabilise sand
  • Install signs on the Hollands Creek (and other creeks if we get enough funding) to increase public awareness of Macquarie perch.

These works are complemented by activities carried out by landholders to improve creek frontage by managing weeds and controlling stock access. See how we have been working with the Strath Creek Landcare Group to improve the King Parrot Creek.

Give MaccaBuck$ to support Macquarie perch habitat and improve the river environment. We will match public dollars received, so more on-ground activities can be carried out this year.

The Challenges


Macquarie perch reside in deep pools, favouring areas with shelter, like overhanging vegetation, in-stream wood (snags) and undercut banks.

Macquarie perch require connection to riffles (shallow flowing water over gravel and rocks) to spawn. Fertile eggs settle into the niches  amongst the rock to develop in the aerated flow.

Spawning is triggered by warming water temperature, rising above 16o C.

Disconnected populations are vulnerable to impacts of drought, fire and climate change. Macquarie perch have been temporarily translocated on two occasions to sustain them until the stream conditions improved – post fire and when the creek stopped flowing during drought. Holding captured Macquarie perch in an aquatic research venue, like DELWP Snobs Creek hatchery, is not highly effective or long-term sustainable.

The abundance of Macquarie perch is commonly reduced or absent where there is a high presence of introduced fish species. Predation, competition and potential spread of disease are threats posed by trout and redfin in particular, while carp are known to degrade habitat condition.


Thanks to State Government funding, we are working with landholders, community groups and other agencies to improve river health and, in turn, the situation for Macquarie perch and other wildlife. To make these populations more resilient, we aim to increase their numbers and distribution by undertaking the following on ground works.

  • Subsidising fencing and providing off-stream watering points to help landholders control stock grazing along frontages, given stock grazing is a primary cause of riparian degradation.
  • Weed management and revegetation with native plants to improve the quality of riparian vegetation.
  • Installation of snags and structures to enhance in-stream habitat and connectivity.
  • Further research to better understand triggers and thresholds for successful population growth.


The seven Macquarie perch streams are high priority waterways and as such are allocated the majority of our River Health Program budget. However, each year only so many site works can be supported. To accelerate delivery of onground activities and improve the outlook for Macquarie perch in the Goulburn Broken catchment, we need your help.

Please give MaccaBuck$. Every dollar can help and will be gratefully received.

We will match every public dollar received – so please pledge your financial support for onground activities to occur in 2017 to improve the rivers we all love.

This crowdfunding project is not just about receiving the dollars, but is also about acknowledging the value we place on protecting this environment and its endangered species. As such, please display your MaccaBuck$ sticker with pride, in recognition of your support and our thanks.

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